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Sponsored Digital Ad Retargeting

Reach valuable Michigan Osteopathic Association members
and target an online audience through digital sponsorship

What is "Ad Retargeting?"
Ever look at a pair of shoes online, or a potential vacation spot, and then for the next couple weeks you notice ads for those products following you around the internet? That's ad retargeting. Retargeting uses cookies to track visitors of one website, in this case, and to reach those same visitors with ads as they browse the internet. When you purchase a digital ad sponsorship with MOA, physicians will see your ads while they look up a recipe on the Food Network or read the news on The Wall Street Journal.

Why Retargeting?
Our audience becomes your potential customers with retargeting. Get exclusive, direct access to Michigan Osteopathic Association website visitors. Showcase your brand, products and message anywhere they visit online.

Quality Targeting
Other digital marketing campaigns rely on broad, generic targeting to market your company. With this unique sponsorship, your money is directed to serving ads specifically to Michigan Osteopathic Association's identified audience.

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