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OCOMA/MCOMA Virtual CME Program 
Back to the Basics – The Nuts and Bolts of Primary Care 
Virtual CME sessions via MOA Learning Center
Oakland and Macomb County Osteopathic Medical Associations
are pleased to present: “Back to the Basics – The Nuts and Bolts of Primary Care”
Saturday, August 29, 2020 8:00 AM – 3:15 PM 
Spend a day with us as we learn what you need to know on the hot topics affecting medicine today.

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Nuts and Bolts of Primary Care flyer/agenda (PDF)

The Oakland County Osteopathic Medical Association (OCOMA) is the association of osteopathic physicians (DO’s) in Oakland County, in the state of Michigan. It is the only professional organization representing the specific interests of osteopathic physicians in Oakland County. OCOMA was organized for the purposes of advancing osteopathic medicine as well as advocating for physicians on health policy, regulatory and reimbursement issues. 

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For more information on OCOMA events and House of Delegate assignments:
Cynthia Earles, OCOMA Administrator | Phone: 517-512-4307 | email: [email protected] | PO Box 112, Rockwood, MI 48173

Component Societies such as the OCOMA are important and integral components of the Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA). MOA Component Societies serve four primary functions.

1. Our OCOMA Membership meetings are provided on a quarterly basis to both OCOMA members and prospective OCOMA members in the region. Dinner meetings are sponsored by assorted vendors and administered by OCOMA;

2. OCOMA meetings provide the opportunity for osteopathic medical professionals to network and discuss medical or practice management issues in a relaxed and social environment. OCOMA meetings also provide the opportunity to invite non-member osteopathic physicians to become involved in their professional society;

3. The OCOMA Meetings provide a forum for the discussion of local legislative and regulatory issues of concern or importance to osteopathic medicine;

4. Component society organizations provide an excellent opportunity to develop future state and national osteopathic medical leadership.

The Oakland County Osteopathic Medical Association (OCOMA) is the voice of the osteopathic profession in Oakland County and the resource for its members in service to society. As your professional county association, the most important service OCOMA provides is unifying the efforts of physicians in Oakland County to improve our professional environment for our patients.

Interns / Residents
OCOMA is your professional link to the physicians you will be practicing with in the very near future. The most politically active and connected physicians participate in your county organization with links to our state and national osteopathic organizations. OCOMA provides direct access to these leaders in an intimate setting that gives you a world of opportunities.

Postdoctoral training is a fundamental part of becoming an osteopathic physician providing the opportunity to utilize the hands-on approach central to the tenets of osteopathic medicine. Following graduation, osteopathic graduates complete an approved 12-month internship. Many graduates then choose to complete a residency program in a specialty area.

OCOMA Board of Trustees
President – John Kilmer, DO
President Elect – Ryan Christensen, DO
Immediate Past President – Joe Gorz, DO
Past President – Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer – Daniel Tobes, DO
Board Member – Mary Jo Voelpel, DO

Board Member – Gary Willyerd, DO
Board Member – Jasper Yung, DO
Board Member – Elizabeth VanDerRue, DO
Resident(s) – Raef Ali Fadel, DO, Peter Habib, DO
Student(s) – Andrew Scales and Robb Schulz
Executive Director – Craig Magnatta, DO