Departments and Committees

The Michigan Osteopathic Association is structured with various departments, with committees under each department. Each Board of Trustee has a specific responsibility when appointed to the Board. The president will assign new Board members to one of five departments following the MOA's Annual Spring Scientific Convention. The departments are Business Affairs, Socio Economics, Education, Membership and Healthcare Technology and Informatics. Issues that fall within a given department head’s responsibility will be assigned to the department head as needs dictate. Most of the requests involve information gathering or identification of MOA members who could serve on ad hoc select committees or coming forth with a recommendation concerning a given issue. Each department has a committee structure to carry out goals and may be used as a resource. 

If you are interested in joining a committee, please use the MOA contact form.

Jeffrey Postlewaite, DO, FACOOG, President

MOA Service Corp., David Best, DO
MOA Charitable Fund
Executive Committee – Craig Glines, DO, Lawrence Prokop, DO, David Best, DO and Stephen Bell, DO

Department of Business Affairs, Directors
David Best, DO, President-Elect
Lawrence Prokop, DO, Past President
Stephen Bell, DO, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Finance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Michigan Council for Osteopathic Physicians

Department of Socio Economics - Directors
Chad Kovala, DO, Trustee
Emily Hurst, DO, Trustee

  • Insurance and Third Party Payer Committee
  • Healthcare Partners of Michigan

Department of Education - Directors
Kevin Beyer, DO, Trustee
Adam Hunt, DO, Trustee

  • Education Committee
  • Scientific Research Exhibit Committee
  • Autumn Scientific Convention Sub-Committee
  • Publications Committee

Department of Membership - Directors
Jasper Yung, DO, Trustee
Samantha MacKay, Student Trustee

  • Membership Committee
  • Awards and Recognition Committee
  • Student Liaison Committee
  • Judiciary, Ethics and Grievance Committee
  • Women of Excellence Committee

Department of Healthcare Technology & Informatics - Directors

Andrew Adair, DO, Trustee
Ursula Barghouth, DO, Intern/Resident Trustee
  • Information and Technology Committee
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