Women of Excellence

Women of Excellence 2023

2023 Women of Excellence Award

The 2023 Women of Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee at at the 124th Annual Spring Scientific Convention, at a reception following her participation in the CME presentation; "Growing Strong: How Women are Shaping the Future of Medicine" Mary Jo Voelpel, DO, FACOI, FACNM, MA, CS; Barbara Ross-Lee, DO, FACOFP".

The Women of Excellence award is given on an annual basis by the MOA Women of Excellence Committee, to recognize a female osteopathic physician who has provided exemplary leadership in the field of medicine.

The reception featured dessert and wine, with a program that included the presentation of the 8th Annual Women of Excellence award, received by Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee.

Past Award Recipients

Women of Excellence 2022

Past Award Recipients:
2022: Mary G. Goldman, DO (center)

2021: Mary Jo Voelpel, DO, FACOI, FACNM (far left)

2020: Kari Hortos, DO (not pictured)

2019: Kathleen Rollinger, DO (far right)

2018: Myral Robbins, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP (left of center)

2017: Carol Monson, DO (right of center)

2016: Dorothy Carnegie, DO (not pictured)