Leadership, Support, Advocacy  

Healthcare Partners of Michigan (HCPM) is a physician organization that gives providers direct access to a network of experts providing guidance on issues affecting quality of care, patient access, and medical reimbursement. As the regulations and policies of healthcare continues to change, let HCPM guide your practice to solid ground.  

HCPM provides many services that can show you how to save time and minimize lost revenue. Here is a list of just some of the benefits of HCPM: 

- Infrastructure and technology support, including EHR and telehealth, to develop and sustain high performing, independent practices focused on patient health and wellness

- A voice of leadership and support in the broader healthcare community, liaising with payers, health systems and policy makers

- In office, multi-disciplinary clinical care teams that follow an advanced primary care approach to treat chronic conditions and teach self-management skills 

- Outcomes data and quality improvement strategies, including a focus on population health 

- An open system with no mandated health system affiliations – you choose the health system that best fits your patients’ needs

To learn more about HCPM, call the MOA at 517/347-1555 or click on the link below for the HCPM Contact Form.

HCPM Contact Form