Enforcement of Electronic Prescribing requirements to begin Jan.1, 2023

The Michigan Osteopathic Association is sharing information regarding the requirements for Electronic Prescribing that will take affect January 1, 2023. We encourage comments and questions from MOA members regarding the requirements and implementation of software platforms to adhere to the new requirements. 

Questions or concerns can addressed by contacting the Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing:
Phone: 517-241-0199
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.michigan.gov/lara/bureau-list/bpl

Electronic Prescribing Questions and Comments

Webinar on the New EPCS Program

This inaugural webinar will provide an overview of the CMS Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) Program. In October 2018, the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities Act (SUPPORT Act) was enacted into law to address the opioid crisis. Section 2003 of the SUPPORT Act generally mandates that Schedule II-V controlled substances under Medicare Part D prescription drug plans (Medicare Part D) be electronically prescribed. Please join CMS in a discussion of this important upcoming program. 

When:  January 12, 2023, 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET 

Who should attend: All Schedule II-V controlled substances prescribers under Medicare Part D, staff and industry-wide stakeholders.

Register to attend:

Introduction to the CMS EPCS Program Webinar Registration

Please register by January 12, 2023 at 12:00PM ET

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Questions: Please submit questions in advance, with the subject heading “EPCS Webinar Question” to [email protected]  On the call, we will answer as many of the questions received by noon as possible.  We'll also post a subsequent summary document.

FROM: Bureau of Professional Licensing
DATE: October 3, 2022

The Bureau of Professional Licensing (BPL) within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) is providing you with this notification regarding important implementation updates for Public Acts 134135, and 136 of 2020 which require electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) of prescriptions.

As you may be aware, the law will soon require prescribers to electronically transmit controlled and non-controlled substance prescriptions. Pursuant to authority provided in MCL 333.17754a(10),BPL’s enforcement of the electronic prescribing standard will coincide with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) enforcement schedule for Part D prescription drug programs. As a result, BPL will initiate enforcement of Michigan’s new electronic prescribing standard on January 1, 2023. 

BPL has created a form that can be used by prescribers who may fall into one of the narrow categories in the law and wish to apply for a waiver of the electronic prescribing requirements of MCL 333.17754a. The form can be found on our website. If you would like to apply for a waiver, complete the form and email it to [email protected] or mail it to PO Box 30670, Lansing, MI 48909. Please note that requests sent by postal mail will take longer to process than requests sent by email.

As a reminder, we have a frequently asked questions document on our website that you may find useful: Electronic Prescribing FAQ 

Should you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or visit our website at: www.michigan.gov/bpl

Bureau of Professional Licensing

Electronic Prescribing FAQs


Begin your search by asking the following questions:

Does the vendor offer ongoing, live technical support at no cost?

Does the vendor provide training to physicians, nurses, and staff at no cost?

What is the cost to enroll and train any future providers on the practice’s care team?

Does the vendor provide direct PDMP?PMP integration and medication history?

Will there be fees when new product features and enhancement are launched/

Does the vendor offer a no-cost upload of patient demographic data into the system to reduce the need for manual data entry/

Are mobile applications available at no cost for iOS and Android, for electronic prescribing on -the-go from anywhere?

Asking these questions will help you carefully evaluate each vendor.  Additionally, it can help you ensure you’re implementing high quality software that improves the quality of patient care, streamlines workflow, and reduces errors.



The following list reveals the key functionality of the various e-prescribing products as reported by the vendors on their own websites.  Please note that MOA has not vetted these companies but wanted to provide information for physicians seeking to implement e-prescribing into their practice.  This list is not exhaustive and is separated by companies offering stand-alone products and those that have electronic health record (EHR) integrations. 

If you would like us to add a vendor to this form, please contact [email protected] ______________________________________________________________________________

RXNT (Ability to Stand Alone)

A cloud-based certified solution that has been designed to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals of all sizes.  This e-prescribing software is an intuitive and affordable way to save your time and efforts while being HIPAA compliant.

Features: Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) Certified, ONC-ACB Certified, Mobile applications included, Direct access to state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs), up-to-date information about previously prescribed medications, can be used alone or seamlessly integrated with the RXNT EHR, ongoing connections to all U.S. retail and mail pharmacies, automated refill notices, and electronic prior authorization,, no license fee for non-prescribing staff, Surescripts certified,  drug and allergy interaction checks, enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and value, assure patient safety and satisfaction

Pricing: Pay a low annual fee that includes implantation, training, regular upgrades and US based support


Support:  800-943-7968 options 1 & 2

Sales 800-943-7968 options 3

Email: Support: [email protected]; Sales: [email protected]

Website  www.rxnt.com


Rcopia by DrFirst(Ability to Stand Alone)

A web-based e-prescribing software designed to help manage patient medication history and streamline predictive analytics to facilitate medication decisions.  It allows team to receive clinical alerts about drug-drug, dosing , drug allergy and duplicate therapy based on patient specific formulary guidance

Features: API, Access Controls/permissions, activity dashboard, calendar management, charting, claims management, drug reference database, electronic prior authorization, HIPAA compliant, medication alerts/warnings, medication history, predictive analytics, prescription cancellation, prescription renewal, pricing data, SMS reminders, Search/Filter, Third party integrations, workflow management



General Inquiries: 888-271-9898

Support: 866-263-6512

Product and Service Sales 866-263-6511

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.drfirst.com/rx7


MDToolbox – Rx

An award winning and comprehensive, web based,  electronic prescription software.  Users can run it as a standalone application on desktops, tablets, or phone, or integrated with other health IT software systems.

Features: Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) Certified, Surescripts certified, mobile version included, electronic refills, electronic prior authorizations, prescription history lookups, formulary and copay information, links to PMP’s and direct messaging.  Send and receive prescription order to over 70,000 retail and mail order pharmacies nationwide, comprehensive library including  giving access to drug references, decision support, patient education, and interaction and formulary checking information. Built in dosing calculator, API integration, HIPAA compliant.


Phone: 206-331-4420 option 1 for support, option 2 for sales

Email: Support: [email protected]; Sales and General Information: [email protected]

Website: www.mdtoolbox.com


IPrescribe by DrFirst

You can use the IPrescribe app to write prescriptions from your mobile phone, anywhere in the US.  You can also use IPrescribe if outside the US by connecting to a VPN. Powered by DrFirst, IPrescribe uses advanced encryption to keep all information secure when transmitted from your mobile device to the pharmacy and is rigorously audited to comply with DEA standards for prescribing controlled substances.

Features: Simple prescribing flow, automatically import your existing patients, medication history on demand, access state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP’s, easily handle renewal requests,


General Inquiries

Product and Service Sales










And here are some others you may want to look into :

Practice Fusion

Advanced MD

Dr. Chrono

Kareo Clinical

Treat 3


Elation Health


ICare Billing


ScriptSure Cloud ERX by DAW Systems


And, don’t forget to ask if your current EHR has e-prescribing capabilities like these do:







This information is intended to serve as a general resource.  No recommendation or endorsement by the MOA for the individual(s) or service(s) listed is expressed or implied.  This information does not constitute legal advice.  The MOA is not responsible for the recommendation of or the quality of work provided by any of the parties listed.