MOPAC Contributors

MOPAC is the sole political action committee representing the osteopathic profession at the state level. Members of the MOA may contribute to MOPAC to support our efforts. We can only succeed in our goal of electing and re-electing pro-physician candidates to Congress with the involvement and support of osteopathic physicians around our state. Take a stand with your fellow DOs today and SUPPORT MOPAC!

2020 MOPAC Contributors: 

President’s Circle ($1,000-up)
Kevin Beyer, DO
Kris Nicholoff
Cynthia Trosin, DO
Leslie Walsh, DO
Rachel Young, DO

Governor’s Club ($500-999)

Senator’s Club ($250 - $499)

Representative’s Club ($100 - $249)

Below $100

Andrew Adair, DO, FACOFP

Patrick Botz, DO
Edward Canfield, DO
Harold Friedman, DO
Joseph Gorz, DO
Peter Habib, DO
Adam Hunt, DO
Algirdas Juocys, DO
John Kilmer, DO
Chad Kovala, DO, FACOEP, FACEP
Craig Magnatta, DO, FACOFP
John Morrison, Jr, DO, FAASM
M. Shane Patterson, DO
Robert Piccinini, DO, dFACN
Timothy Piontkowski, DO
Jasper Yung, DO

Peter Ajluni, DO

David Best, DO, MS ABAM
Eric Born, DO
Cheryl Canfield, DO
Kevin Florek, DO
Mary Goldman, DO
Scott Kowalski, DO
William McDevitt, DO
Robert Snyder, DO
Bruce Wolf, DO, FAOCR

William Anderson, I, DO

Lindsay Best, DO
Daniel Bonbrisco, DO
Tonye Burutolu
Pamela Georgeson, DO, FAAAAI
Rebecca Gorz
Glenn Gradis, DO
Emily Hurst, DO
Howard Hurt, DO
Dale McNinch, DO
Gerald Robbins, DO, FACN
Myral Robbins, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP
George Sawabini, DO
Jaroslaw Sawka, DO
Patricia Scheuerman, DO
R. Taylor Scott, DO
Shane Sergent, DO
J. Michael Wieting, DO

Suruchi Dash

Erica Nanni
Erica Razon
Maria Ruedisueli
Kathrine Yacoo

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